I want to shoot you

Summer is arriving. Covid-19 regulations are getting looser. The weather is getting better and better. Time has come to throttle up the photo shooting. What else do I need? Subjects and people to photograph.

opening the books

I’m opening up the books for new photo shoot collabs. YES THIS MEANS YOU.  I have created a few mood boards on my pinterest account and I’m looking for people to do some or any of these boards with. You don’t need/have to be a model in order to do this. I’ll help you through. I’m looking to capture people, not the perfect images.

It’s all on TFP ( time for photo’s ). This way I’ll get to expand my portfolio, and you’ll have a few new kick ass photo’s you can use on your socials.

If you recognize yourself in one of my mood boards, or if you have a kick ass idea and/or a mood board of your own that you might want to do, feel free to hit me up via my contact form so we can discuss it. After we agreed on a way on how to proceed a contract will be signed by all party’s involved so everyone is aware on how and when to use the images created. Al party’s involved will be you, me and eventually a MUA.

More explicit stuff

As some of you might now, I have barely any limits on what I shoot. I’m also looking to photograph and/or film the more explicit things that are not meant for publication or are meant for private publication. The more explicit stuff. 18+ stuff. More preparation is needed for these kinds of shoots, tho. I will not do anything that will make me or you feel uncomfortable. I will not shoot 18+ stuff with children or animals or any kind of stuff that might get me or you in trouble with the law. All else is game.

Join me, I have pictures

Feel fee to join me on my social profiles. Links to them are on the top of this blog.

Let’s create awesome things.
Thank you all. Stay safe and see you out there.


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