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So about at the end of last year we got a request from someone that will remain unnamed. She wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot to offer to her man on a special occasion. She could have chosen for for a more experienced photographer, but she didn’t want to work with someone that would treat her like “just another boudoir client”.  The choice fell for us. I was honoured but also very nervous.

After seeing the pinterest moodboard she had created I started to worry. Would I be able to pull it of? I decided to ask my friends at Dark Marsquerade for help. Lady Masquerade accepted to help me out and so I moved my mobile studio to their house.

While making the set below we focussed less on aesthetics but more on light and camera settings as well as editing. Some of the images shot and retoutched were actually worth some kind of attention so Lady Masquerade and I decided to publish a small selection.

The images on this blog were the ones that we sent to the lady in question. She loved them. I hope you do too.

Leave a message in the coments below to let us know what you think.

Camera: Canon Eos 550D on a tripod
Lens: Canon EFS 18-55mm

Model: Lady Masquerade
Mua: Lady Masquerade
Clothing & set: Lady Masquerade / vascofmdc
Capture Date: 05 January 2019



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