Place 2 B Haarlem

A few months ago, Place 2 B Haarlem, a new place in town, opened up it’s doors. In those few months it has ben opened, it has become one of my places to go when me and the misses want to have a night out. Normaly we would go for a meal somewhere, have a few drinks at the restaurant where we ate, than visit a generally packed bar or two. I’m a smoker. so I’ll have to find a smoking area or walk outside for my smoke time. My missus doesn’t like to be alone and however you are never alone in a bar, when going for a smoke i’m not arround her might she feel bad all of a sudden. This for my misses is literaly exausting. She has a muscular desease and when her energy levels become low, we have to go home. Generaly such a night out will be over by 23:00 aproximatly.

Why is Place 2 B Haarlem different? Well, we walk in arround dinnertime and have a meal there. Afterwards the misses can sit down at one of the comfy chairs in the main bar area and just sit there the whole time. This place is spacy (arround 400 sq/m) has 3 floors, and if I want to pretend I’m alone on that night out with her, I just go a level lower. you can actually be there and litterally not meet someone that is there at the same time.

Wel anyway, meal. yes. amazing burgers… gotta love them. if you’re a burger lover you should really try it out. (i’ll blog about them on a later occasion). Just as amazing satéh and a few smaller items. Even barfood and snacks… snacks … yeah if you go there, be sure to buy some beef jerkey, they make it themselves and that stuff is addictive. Several tastes and if you like spicy, get “i’m a dragon”… you’ll get the name once you’ve had it.

So the hugeness of this place… yeah. There’s basically six areas to this place. the main bar area, the darts area behind it with three dart lanes and enough space for you not to worry about getting someone else’s arrow in your eye, the smoking area wich is located on level two and is just as big as the main bar area, behind it the area where bands can do they’re thing. The band area has a second full bar so if you’re watching live music you don’t need to go upstairs to get your beers, the billards area one level below and the snooker room behind it.

It’s one of those places where almost anyone will fit in.

So on the 11th of April of 2015 this place opened up it’s doors officially. Three bands played there that evenng. I had my camera with me and i’m happy I had. It was an evening to remember. At arround 01:30 I was exuasted and wanted to go home. This is when things kind of got reversed… the missus, generally the one beeing tired very fast and wanting to go home, actually wasn’t so we stayed a little longer…

The evening started with Jinx, followed by the allmighty Powerpinps and it was headlined by the powerfull Jackal.




Jinx Amsterdam



People having fun

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