Zakk Sabbath live Melkweg Amsterdam 16-02-2020

Overkill at Dynamo MetalFest 2018

Annihilator at Dynamo Metalfest 14-07-2018

Leprous at Dynamo Metalfest 14-07-2018

I Am Morbid at Dynamo MetalFest 2018

Vuur at Dynamo Metalfest 14-7-2018

Iron Reagan at Dynamo MetalFest 14-07-2018

Elephant at Dynamo Metalfest 14-7-2018

Thunderstorm Amsterdam 22-06-2017

Thunderstorm Amsterdam 04-06-2019

Prorail helicopter Rivierenbuurt Amsterdam 23-08-2019

trauma helicopter zandvoort racetrack 2017-09-02

August 29, 2017 Police helicopter Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt

Gravestenenbrug Haarlem

Ajax bus Rijnstraat Amsterdam

#2 Pasta Red Sauce

#1 Dutch Peasoup

waiting for that one song to finish

The “new” accoustic

Getting rid of wood

Jumbo Racedagen 2019

Mobility sccoter drive to Zorgvlied Cemetery

1e Myotone Dystrofie fair, 4 augustus 2018

doing the dishes

mobility scooter

building a fan

Testament, Annihilator, DeathAngel at Patronaat 10-12-2017

2019 07 02 first lesson

2019 06 22 trial lesson

Historic grand prix Zandvoort 2018

Jumbo Racedagen 2017 Max Verstappen

Historic grand prix Zandvoort 2017

The pigeons that shouldn’t be there

Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2019 aftermovie

Nicky Verstappen, Brunsummerheide.

In memoriam Ruben en Daniël.

Christmas 2017 – Decorating the tree

Christmas 2017 – Lichtjesavond op Zorgvlied

Dynamo Metal Fest 2017

Anthrax you gotta believe Dynamo Metal Fest 2016

sparrows at dusk