sparrows at dusk

It’s fun to live in the big city.  Specially when you live in neighbourhood like mine that has these housing blocks with backyards in the middle. basically it’s a square built apartment block of three to four story high buildings. The apartments on the ground floor have backyards and apartments from height one to three or four have balconys. However the ground floor and the story floors share the same house number, some or even most of them have separate entrances. So the ground floor is separated from the staircase to the other floors. That’s where I live. on a second floor of one of these housing blocks.


sparrow residence


This is a quiet neighbourhood a few minutes outside of the city centre. We have lots of parking space, well… most of the time, which isn’t free but with the necessary permit I can park my car all around the neighbourhood and most of the time right in front of my door.


I have my office at the back of my house. When I look outside from the window to the right of my desk I can actually almost look into my neighbour’s houses. Well, mostly closed curtains but that’s it…  What I like most it’s what I’m about to show you all. Living in the big city you don’t always get a glimpse of nature. Here we do. We have these big trees in between the ground floor backyards and a HUGE colony of sparrows decided to move in into two of these big trees. Personally I actually love it but some of my neighbours don’t… One of my neighbours thinks that by clapping hands and/or some pans on a daily basis the sparrows will leave… I wonder who’s gonna win that one (wait for it)…


Love it …

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