2020-01-18 – Zaanse schans cosplay event

band of brothers

Louis and Claudia

by Dark Masquerade

Hendrik Jan Brakels

Terra Mirë

facebook page

What does one do on a typical rainy saturday in January? Well… Join in on a cosplayers photo event on one of the most touristic places of The Netherlands of course…  Hilarious moments, lot’s of tourists taking selfies with the cosplayers and, of course, lots of kick ass photos.

Might you be on these images, let me know if you want to have your (cosplayers) name mentioned and linked to on this website.

Camera: Canon Eos 550D handheld on semi manual settings
Lens: Canon EFS 18-55mm / 55-250mm
Capture date: 18-01-2020
Featuring: miscelaneous cosplayers.



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