Dark Masquerade’s twisted christmas.

Dark Masquerade's twisted christmas

Christmas is always fun, until it gets twisted.
It would have been the perfect evening for Mr. and Mrs. Dark Masquerade.


They had fun decorating the tree, but short as she was she needed his support to get the balls high in the tree.
Naturally he was more than willing to lend a hand …on her butt ….

And Off course she was more than willing to support his butt when he decided he would do it himself.


According to tradition no Christmas is complete without …..Cookies!!
She had baked fresh cookies and decorated them with care ,
but he was more interested in milk than cookies ……


Time for presents !! Mrs was waiting patiently by the fire for her hubby to return .


When he finally came back down, arms filled with presents
and heaving under the weight he was certain this year he done it right,

but one look said it all …..is that it ???


After she had put on the lovely new set of Christmassy lingerie
he had carefully picked out for her it was  storytime !!

laying by the fireplace she could hardly wait for the story to end
so they could try out her new present !


However …..he was also thinking about his present …
an awesome new racegame for the PS4!!!
He could hardly wait for his buddy Grinch to arrive so they could play it ,
little did she know he was just buying time by telling her more stories ….

You can imagine her surprise when he showed up !! she was not planning
on a menage-a-trois for Christmas and was not happy with this one bit !!


At this point she decided to put her foot down and demand attention !!
she would show them who’s boss and no way her man
could resist her while she was wearing this !! right ??


Moral of the story ladies and gents …..
Do not underestimate the power of playstation !



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