Shining Bright

Last set of the last shoot of 2019.

Now titled “Shining bright”, this set was shot in a fully darkened room with only a ribbon of led lights for a light source. No flash, no other lights in the area. Just the leds. I had tried handheld for the first couple of shots, but decided to set my camera on a tripod instead. Luckily I was tethering my Canon to my laptop so we could see the direct result in the room and adapt to the circumstances.

Her Husband was watching through the second monitor downstairs ( I added a 15m monitor cable and a second monitor to my mobile setup ) and by the sounds we could hear, he was quite glad with the result.

These are the best out of a total of 71 images shot. Lady Masquerade and I learned a few lessons while shooting and edting this set. From start to finish this was a complete 50/50 cooperation. Both our ideas throughout the whole process resulted in what I think to be our best work together so far, ending the year on a high note.

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Camera: Canon Eos 550D on a tripod
Lens: Canon EFS 18-55mm

Model: Lady Masquerade
Mua: Lady Masquerade
Clothing: Lady Masquerade
Capture Date: 21 December 2019



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