black bathing suit.

SO, the missus and her best friend decided to go swimming. There was a lesson of this or the other zumba wattersport thing they wanted to attend to. Since my car was broken and I couldn’t take her there, she called a cab. So far so good. The cab came 20 minutes too late. Then when she arrived at the swimming pool the teatcher was ill, so the lesson couldn’t go through. She had pre-ordered a cab for some time after the end of the lesson so she ended up having to wait an hour and some minutes there. It was not a free swimming evening so they could do nothing but wait for the return cab. While waiting, she texted me “Lesson not going through. I have the swimming suit on, might just as well doe a shoot”. So I unpacked the gear and set it up in our livingroom.

Behold below the result of this shoot. It’s my second time using the studio lights and backgrounds.



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