E03: Lost in the woods

It had been a while since I had let Morgain go. The news, mainly tabloids, were reporting what they called mysterious deaths in the Goth community and what looked like vampire related bites on corpses. Most of the articles were not very serious tho. They thought the bitemarks could be part of some kinky bdsm game gone bad. I knew better than not to take this serious.

I hadn’t heard from her since a few months, but somehow I knew Morgain was causing this and by instinct I knew she was in trouble. Since I had fed her the frst time she and I had some sort of vague link. I could sense she was looking for something and was in fear of getting caught. I had to do something.

I didn’t know exactly where she was. There was no logic to the places where the bodies were found, so I couldn’t really correlate her location. I decided to check out the woods where I found her in the first place. Altho it was daylight it was rather foggy so I grabbed my car keys and went out looking for her.

After walking for about two hours through the woods, I was almost up to calling it’s quits and go home. I decided, tho, to do one more round. This is when I spotted her. I was suprised she was out in daylight, and she was dressed differently then when she left.I noticed she kept to the darker places as much as she could but altho it wasn’t sunny and the fog was heavy, it was still daylight.

Observing her behaviour, I could indeed notice she was looking for something or maybe someone. Every time I tried to get a bit closer, she would turn away and disappear. I had to find out what she was up to and was able to follow her for a while. When she stepped on what seemed to be the remains of a tree that had been cut down, she realised she could handle the daylight. Cold and fog didn’t seem to bother her and as she dropped her cloak, I decided it was my time to finaly come closer.

This is when she spotted me. I could notice her doubt whether she should attack me or not, and although she tried to make me keep my distance, I walked up to her. As she grabbed my hand and tried to feed from me, I was able to convince her not to. It took a while but I was able to get her in my car and come home with me. I had to make sure she understood I didn’t want to capture her. That I was not a captor but a protector. As I drove away she looked back to the spot she clearly had been staying all this time. It looked as she was saying goodby to it. Or maybe not, I don’t know for sure. I just know she needed help and I was the one to make sure she would be ok.

Camera: Canon Eos 550D handheld
Lens: Canon EFS 18-55mm/55-250mm

Model: Lady Masquerade
Mua: Lady Masquerade
Clothing: Lady Masquerade
Capture Date: 25 january 2020



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