Dynamo Metalfest 2015

Back in the day, between 1986 and 1994, Dynamo Open Air was a festival that you, as a Metalhead, would want to go to. Started out as a small outdoor one day festival that ended up growing to be the biggest metal festival of the Netherlands. Back in those days, me as a young metalhead always wanted to go, but Life allways made sure I had other stuf to do. Throughout my metal carrear I never had the chance to go.

Not only for the metalhead itself but also for most of metal acts of back then, upcoming or not, this was the place to be when it came to European festivals. Many of bands got their early shots on this festival and as such it got it’s name and fame.

A few months back a good friend of mine called me up, ” hay dude I got two spare tickets for Dynamo Metalfest 2015 want to tag along? ” … I was somewhat in doubt. To my knowledge Dynamo Open Air had closed it’s doors, so my first thought was tht this guy was pranking me. That was untill he emphasized it was Metalfest, not Open Air… I went and checked out Dynamo Metalfest 2015’s website and there it was… I was out of doubt. called him back and decided to claim those spare tickets he had.

The day started early. Alarm went off at 07:00, the guys arrived at 09:30 and arround 10:00 we left to Eindhoven.

Festival started with Facelifer. Death Metal as Deth Metal is supposed to be. These guys know exactly how the genre should sound in 2015 and they sure demonstrated that. The overall sound was kind of mushy but nevertheless a good show.

Next up was Bodyfarm. Another dutch Death Metal act. Hadn’t heard of them but it was good. Music wise it reminded me of the old days when I used to bust my neck to Obituary and the such … Quite old school but, and maybe because of that, grabbed my attention.

Orange Goblin came up next. I had the feeling I heard of them before. I might have read something and/or watched some youtube stuff but it didn’t grab my attention then. That is untill this day. Awesome live band. will most certanly get their music.  Balls to the wall fist in the air booze driven metal. yeah, one to remember.

Then all of a sudden, goosebumps started to happen … the Biohazard backdrop was put up and shortly after all hell broke loose. This was one of my favorite bands back in the day, and today I got remembered why. for the first time in what seems to be ages, my ponytail came loose and my headbanging skills got a bit of a polish. The moshpit got renamed to the “dustpit”, because it was exactly that. To be honest Biohazard was imho the winner of this festival. It came, it saw, it overcame, and it fucked up my neck. yeah…

Next up was Alestorm. I finally got why there were so many pirate hats walking about the festival. I had trully never heard of these guys. Musically not really my cup of tea, or mug of beer for that matter, but it was a fun show to watch. Pirates out to steal our beer… They can go ahead… I don;t drink anyway.. ;). I enjoyed this show from the back of the festival ground. This was the moment I went for a big bag of fries.

Nuclear Assault … wow… just wow. I never got the chance to see them before and I’m glad I got to see them now because this might have been the last time we got the chance to see them. I was there and I snapped the pictures. What’s there to say about Nuclear Asault… Pot smoking thrashmetal fun. one downside to the NA set tho. Too much high and gain but not very much bass.

One of my favorites from back in the day as well, Death Angel. These guys started out at Dynamo Open Air back in the day. To them this was a coming home show and that’s exactly what it was.

Finaly Arch Enemy. Had seen them a few years back in the Ziggodome. It was good then but it was better now. I guess the fact that Jeff Loomis (one of my favorite guitar players of now) kind of helped me like it better…

This is where it ended. Back into the car and back home.
It was a day to remember and tickets to next year have already been bought.



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