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Throughout my life I met a lot of people. Seen, experienced, and been trhough things, positive and negative, wich most people will never even dream of.  Some of  those people stuck arround and remained in my life. Gave me unconditional support and cared enough to, sometimes even after not speaking or seeing each other for a long time, just drop by and share important moments or feelings good or bad.

To me, friendship is not about quantity but about quality. It’s not about how often one meets or how often one speaks to me, but about the quality of the moments spent together. That one phonecall, that one textmessage, that one word, that one unexpected visit that however short, has more meaning than most might think.

In the last couple of years I’ve learned the hard way that things are not always what they seam and people are not always who they claim to be. People that call themselves your brother, claim they have your back but use that same surface to stick a proverbial knife into… I’ve became very selective as to whom I trust or give my emotions to. I’ve learned to simply remove from my life people that prefere to talk about me than to me, that decided that money or a so called business endeavour is more important than friendship or brotherhood, that have decided to turn theyr backs after a cry for help and that turned some situation to make me look bad for their own win. I despise you and as such you do not exist to me.

However I’m open to everyone, not everyone I meet nowadays becomes my friend and not all of my friends become my brothers. As I see it, if I call you friend you came a little closer than most and if I call you brother, you have gained my unconditional trust. you have been there for me and gave me your unconditional support even if I tried to keep a certain distance now and again.  It takes time and experience. It needs to grow. it needs to stick and that click must be there.

Yesterday, 24-05-2015 I had one of those moments that a semi casual invite became more than that. The sharing of a place and an emotion, the sharing of a few laugs, stories and drinks, a hug that speaks louder than many words would. And most of all the sharing of a place that I share with the ones I call brothers.

Furthermore and last but not least. To my friends I say stick arround and who knows you might become one of my brothers. To my brothers I say: LLH&R.

you know who you are.

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