Gert Thesingh
1954-05-11 / 2021-04-05

On the 28th od May 2021, the news reached me that Gert Thesingh the social worker who took care of me and actually took all necessary main steps to take me out of the homeless life had passed. In 2016 he and I had a short e-mail conversation and we agreed on a ” for old times sake” meetup. This, however, never happened.

This photo is originally a low quality hard copy which I have kept since those days. Shot somewhere in ’93 or ’94 to B&W film. I developed it myself during a a course I had taken at a project I was part of. That skill is now long forgotten, but the picture will be with me forever.

Gert, Thank you for what you did for me back then. It made a difference and it’s one of the absolute bases of where I am today.

– H&R – GBNF – Gert Thesingh
1954-05-11 / 2021-04-05


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