Piece of mind at Elswout 2019-12-04

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I was out and about with a friend this day. She needed some peace of mind and in retrospect so did I. A walk through the woods of Elswout, in Overveen, was what she decided on doing. Prior to going there I considered taking my video camera with me, but chose last minute for still images instead. So with came the Canon. Piece of mind at Elswout consisted originally of about 200 stills. The first selection was about 80, I ended up keeping around 60. It’s a lot, but there is a lot to see there. Took a while to edit and my choice fell for not too much editing. Just some sharpness, lens and color corrections and not much more. We walked about 6km and burnt some calories in the process of clearing our heads…


Camera: Canon Eos 550D Handheld.
Lens: Canon EFS 18-55mm and Canon EFS 55-250mm
date: 04-12-2019
location: Elswout woods, Overveen.

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